Ratna Galih Primakusuma, call name Galih (born in Yogyakarta, 19 Januari 1982) Indonesian Actress Girl. Her name "Ratna Galih" from character in a story film adolescent very popular on 1970-an in Indonesia, Gita Cinta from SMA. She have hobby swimming and movie and high165 cm. Ever university lecture Japan literature, Universityof Gajah Mada, Jogjakarta.

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Ratna galih players FTV sinetron and this name is being increased in the leaf stage pertelivisian indonesia, with a beautiful face and acting is not difficult to apprehend galih gem to conquer the audience to always remember this one girl.
Owner name Ratna Kusuma Prima Galih familiarly called the jewel galih is enough to take the name galih gem of a movie character who is very popular and famous in the 1970s. Shes body beautiful has a hobby of watching and swimming. Ratna galih Now we often see in sitkom one private television titled "Coffe bean show" with your colleagues - among colleagues tika putri ..

-Bios -
Full Name: Ratna Galih Primakusuma
Nickname: Ratna Galih
TTL: Jakarta, January 19, 1982
Last Education: Department of Japanese Literature, University of Gajah Mada, Jogjakarta.
High body: 165 cm
Hobbies: swimming and watching hobby


* Gita Cinta from high school
* Puspa Indah Taman Hati
* SITKOM "Coffe bean show"


* Finalists Femina face 2003